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Archive for January 2nd, 2017

Great tutorial on how to split older Git commits: -…

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/01/02

A long time ago (2014!), [WayBack] Great tutorial on how to split older Git commits: – should be used with care, but this can be a lifesaver and a really useful trick… – Ilya Grigorik – Google+ pointed me the below tutorial.

It has been in my drafts since then, but recently I found it back when I needed to rebase unpushed commits. Indeed it’s a great tutorial!

Executing the git rebase --interactive concepts can be tricky as they are on a way higher level than regular git work. So sometimes you want to exit vim notifying git to stop the current action. The easiest way I found was this vim command I found at [WayBackHow to abort a git rebase in interactive editor (thanks [WayBack] Telmo Costa!):


Via the tutorial, I also bumped into a few advanced git add features:

Another very powerfull feature is git add -p a.k.a. git add --patch which allows you to stage parts (or hunks) of a file.

[WayBackgit add -p: The most powerful git feature you’re not using yet

You can go even further with git add --interactive as this blog post shows:

[WayBackgit add –patch and –interactive

Back to the tutorial:

[WayBackGoing back in time to split older commits by thoughtram

Rebasing in Git allows you to go back in time to split older commits. In this article we’ll explore how to do exactly that!

git rebase --interactive

git rebase –interactive

Before the tutorial explains how to amend git commits, it covers these git rebase --interactive commands:

  • pick
  • reword
  • edit
  • squash
  • fixup

Note that squash will combine the commit on that line with the commit on the line above it.

There is one more little trick: to limit the number of commits (that’s normally limited to the unpushed ones), add like HEAD~4 which limits it to 4 commits.

Finally you can even use this for cherry picking, which I need to put on my research list: [WayBackgit: obtain the benefits of git rebase --interactive for cherry picks – Stack Overflow

Further reading:


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When a Windows 7 or Windows 8.x update takes forever…

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/01/02


 – G+

Windows 7 Disk Images – Is it just me I have noticed that my Windows 7 backup disk images fail when Windows update applies security updates, if the images are more than 2 “Monthly RollUps” old. When I click the update webpage for help, Microsoft the server returnes a “page not found”. Is Microsoft trying to tell me something?

I noticed this as well for VMs that I hardly use (and can be dormant for months): updating them takes forever and I could not find the cause.

The cause seems Microsoft changing the locations for updates, but not having the updater update in the old location any more: [WayBackChanges to Security Update Links – MSRC.

Solution: manually download the update MSU files for your Windows + architecture combination in a directory, copying a batch file there, then run the batch file.

More details at “Solution to the long search for Windows Updates on a newly installed Windows 8.1, 7 SP1 or Vista SP2”:

Yes, you have to fiddle a bit with the WUAUSERV service, but then everything should work out well.


via: [WayBackWindows 7 Disk Images – Is it just me I have noticed that my Windows 7 backup…

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