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MacOS System 7.0.1 Compilation : Apple Computer : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/04/17

Cool stuff to compare when I have my Macintosh SE/30 up and running again: [Archive.isMacOS System 7.0.1 Compilation : Apple Computer : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

Everything can either:

There is quite a bite included:

System Programs: Applications: Games: Utilities: Toys:
HyperCard, BBEdit Lite, Risk, HD Setup, Alarm
Macintosh MacDraw, Cannon Fodder, Disinfectant, Clock,
Basics, MacPaint, Shufflepuck. Disk Copy, Calculator,
Control Panels. Microsoft Excel, ResEdit, Note Pad,
Microsoft Word, TeachText, Puzzle,
Microsoft Works, Compact Pro, Mac Gzip,
Orion, Mar, Scrapbook.
Pagemaker, Stuffit Expander,
ZTerm. Stuffit Lite.

The [] downloads:

00_coverscreenshot.jpg                          04-Apr-2017 04:51     50.9K
00_coverscreenshot_thumb.jpg                    04-Apr-2017 04:51     3.0K
_screenshot.gif                                 04-Apr-2017 04:51     62.7K
hd1.img                                         04-Apr-2017 04:12     20.4M
hd2.img                                         04-Apr-2017 04:12     20.4M
mac_MacOS_7.0.1_compilation.gif                 04-Apr-2017 04:51     4.2K
mac_MacOS_7.0.1_compilation_archive.torrent     16-Apr-2017 21:33     4.5K
mac_MacOS_7.0.1_compilation_files.xml           16-Apr-2017 21:33     3.8K
mac_MacOS_7.0.1_compilation_meta.sqlite         04-Apr-2017 04:51     14.0K
mac_MacOS_7.0.1_compilation_meta.xml            04-Apr-2017 05:49     4.2K
mac_MacOS_7.0.1_compilation_reviews.xml         16-Apr-2017 21:33     633.0B
screenshot_00.jpg                               04-Apr-2017 04:51     50.9K
screenshot_00_thumb.jpg                         04-Apr-2017 04:51     3.0K


Via (and more background info at): [WayBackIn-browser Mac OS 7.0.1 emulation, compatible software suite arrives at the Internet Archive

A pair of 20MB hard drive compilations contain a full MacOS 7.0.1 environment that runs in a browser, and contains an assortment of applications spanning from 1984 to 1991 has appeared on the Internet Archive, with the entire bundle able to be run inside Safari.


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