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Windows 10 Creators update and Delphi debugging don’t go well…

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/05/02

Not sure what the cause and effect are, but various people are having issues running Delphi versions on Windows 10 Creators update. Debugging takes an exceptional long time to load the debuggee.

According to Marco Cantu, it is not limited to Delphi:

“It looks like a change in libraries code relocation, and it affects all debuggers — not just ours.”

A roll-back does make them work again but … there is only a very limited time frame to roll back from Windows 10 Creators update (think days, not weeks).

So for now: if you use Delphi do not install the Windows 10 Creators update unless you:

  • can revert back to a full system backup
  • can roll back in time


The the last link cannot be archived, not is publicly accessible, I’ve quoted some parts:

The debugger goes haywire for everyone in our organization with Creators and Tokyo/Berlin. Reverting to Windows Anniversary brings back the sanity.

Debugger problems with Tokyo/Berlin and Creators:

  • App takes a long time to load with modules loading and unloading and re-loading many times
  • IDE freezes
  • Memory consumption of bds.exe explodes, sometimes (> 3GB)

I will attached before and after screenshots showing how modules load and unload and re-load with Windows 10 Creators.

I presume these problems have the same root cause(s) than those in

Note that Microsoft is still fledging out issues in Windows 10 Creators Upgrade despite pushing it to more and more Windows 10 machines: [WayBackWindows 10 Creators Update rollout: First phase update – Windows Experience BlogWindows Experience Blog


12 Responses to “Windows 10 Creators update and Delphi debugging don’t go well…”

  1. Oscar Pererya said

    I just disabled Windows Defender and I’m debugging again

  2. StSlam said

    Borland C++ Builder 6
    Same problems…

  3. […] looks like Microsoft and Embarcadero solved their ends for [WayBack] Windows 10 Creators update and Delphi debugging don’t go […]

  4. Gordon Niessen said

    Is there a way to White List DLLs and BPLs that we are using, so Windows doesn’t unload them?

  5. KMorwath said

    You shouldn’t be surprised. Now every Windows 10 user is a beta tester for Microsoft – especially if you don’t use the Enterprise edition and don’t lock it to the LTSB branch, and you update early without waiting for the update to arrive automatically.

    And you thought you were just testing Embarcadero software…

    Anyway, that’s another reason to develop on a stable system and just test on “unstable” ones.

  6. Related: “When I run my program in x64 mode on the local machine (not the emulator) and I hit the ‘X’ button to close the program the debugger doesn’t exit. I have to kill the process or stop the debugger manually. If I run the program without the debugger, hitting ‘X’ will cause the process to exit after about a 30 second delay.”

  7. Fronzel Neekburm said

    As far as I understood it from the Embarcadero forum post, it only affects your application when you’re doing something with linking BPL files in, right? We haven’t been noticing anything weird and running the Creator’s Update for a week or so. Nothing unusual on VS either.

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