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Archive for May 5th, 2017


Posted by jpluimers on 2017/05/05

Ik ben benieuwd wat mijn broer er van vindt: [WayBackAankomende Evenementen | BEVRIJDINGSCONCERT OP DE OUDE HAVEN | Oranjevereniging Sassenheim

Zelf ben ik vanavond hier met de een voorproefje van de WMC 2017 show van Adest Musica:  [WayBackZeister Taptoe keert terug op Slot Zeist |

De Stichting wilde met de viering van haar 5-harig bestaan en de organisatie van het 5e evenement een kwalitatief hoogstaand programma op een bijzondere locatie. Daarin is het bestuur geslaagd. Op de komende Bevrijdingsdag keert de Taptoe Zeist na bijna 25 jaar eenmalig terug op de historische locatie Slot Zeist. Hier vonden tussen 1984 en 1993 tien eerdere succesvolle taptoes plaats.



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reStructuredText Markup Specification – sections (that translate to HTML headings)

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/05/05

So I won’t forget; source: reStructuredText Markup Specification – Sections


The following are all valid section title adornment characters:

! " # $ % & ' ( ) * + , - . / : ; < = > ? @ [ \ ] ^ _ ` { | } ~

Some characters are more suitable than others. The following are recommended:

= - ` : . ' " ~ ^ _ * + #

Rather than imposing a fixed number and order of section title adornment styles, the order enforced will be the order as encountered. The first style encountered will be an outermost title (like HTML H1), the second style will be a subtitle, the third will be a subsubtitle, and so on.

Below are examples of section title styles:

 Section Title

 Section Title

Section Title

Section Title

Section Title

Section Title

Section Title

Section Title

Section Title

Section Title

Section Title

When a title has both an underline and an overline, the title text may be inset, as in the first two examples above. This is merely aesthetic and not significant. Underline-only title text may not be inset.

A blank line after a title is optional. All text blocks up to the next title of the same or higher level are included in a section (or subsection, etc.).

All section title styles need not be used, nor need any specific section title style be used. However, a document must be consistent in its use of section titles: once a hierarchy of title styles is established, sections must use that hierarchy.

Each section title automatically generates a hyperlink target pointing to the section. The text of the hyperlink target (the “reference name”) is the same as that of the section title.

I prefer this order because of decreasing “greyness”:

# * = + ^ ~ - : . _ ` ' "


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Completely Uninstall Skype For Business (aka Lync) – Skype Community

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/05/05

I don’t need Skype (aka Lync) on all my VMs, for enough reasons (obnoxiously getting in the way even when not configured, downloading updates even though not used, taking up space, etc).

Removing it through appwiz.cpl is more than just a single step. The reason is that Skype can be part of Office and – despite the updates being called Skype – can be listed as the Lync component in Office.

So the removal is as follows:

  1. Run appwiz.cpl
  2. Select the Microsoft Office version you have installed
  3. Right click, then choose Change
  4. Choose “Add or Remove features” then “Continue”
  5. Choose the dropdown left of “Microsoft Lync” or “Microsoft Office”, then click “Not Available” and click “Continue”
  6. Wait for the removal to proceed, then click “Close”


via: Solved: Completely Uninstall Skype For Business – Skype Community

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