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Archive for June 14th, 2017

What the DEC?!? Records of Minicomputer Giant Digital Equipment Corporation Open for Research at CHM | Computer History Museum

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/06/14

The records represent the largest and most complete set of DEC records in existence, dating from 1947 through 2002, with the bulk from the company’s years of operation from 1957 through 1998, when they were bought by Compaq Computer. The collection is a comprehensive technical history of every major computing innovation at DEC, as well as its nontraditional business culture, which still serves as an industry model—nearly every contemporary company strives for a “culture of innovation.” The processing of the collection presents an extraordinary opportunity to study DEC’s product lines and business practices in depth as was never before possible. Very few companies as influential as DEC have as long a history, and the breadth and depth of this collection makes it unique in its comprehensiveness.

Source: [WayBackWhat the DEC?!? Records of Minicomputer Giant Digital Equipment Corporation Open for Research at CHM | Computer History Museum

via: [WayBackAlan Cox – Google+

I could spend months in this archive (:

The PDP-11 and VAX-11/750 were the machines I first learned about DECNET, EARN and BITNET.


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Mikrotik firewall URLs

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/06/14

Some links that inspired me for various Mikrotik firewall rules:


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Firebird; testing for NULL and equality in practice: IS [NOT] DISTINCT FROM

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/06/14

Boy, I totally missed that this was introduced back then in Firebird 2.0:

 In Firebird 2 and higher, you test for null-encompassing equality with DISTINCT. This has already been discussed, but here’s a quick recap. Two expressions are considered:
  • DISTINCT if they have different values or if one of them is NULL and the other isn’t;
  • NOT DISTINCT if they have the same value or if both of them are NULL.

[NOT] DISTINCT always returns true or false, never NULL or something else. Examples:

if (A is distinct from B) then...
if (Buyer1 is not distinct from Buyer2) then...


Source: Testing for NULL and equality in practice


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