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Archive for June 5th, 2017

FRITZ!Box tuning part 1: Enable remote access over ssh

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/06/05


As I always try to maximize the usage of new hardware I started to explore what is possible with this combination. In this post I will explain how you get access to your FRITZ!Box using ssh.

Source: FRITZ!Box tuning part 1: Enable remote access over ssh [WayBack]


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Embarcadero QualityCentral is dead; man-decades of customer work down the drain

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/06/05

Without announcing an actual date, right before the weekend Embarcadero killed their [WayBack] QualityCentral publicly accessible and search engine indexed issue database.

So I wrote this on Google Plus:

Embarcadero just flushed down the drain man-decades of work and useful information. Mainly nilling the work done by their customers to document and inform about known issues, knowing search engines indexed it well and having some hope it would assist into maybe some getting resolved.

The documentation has not been updated and still references, for instance from [

They say the web service is still up, but that likely will die at the snap of a finger as well. Besides, these links mentioned in QualityCentral web services guide are dead too:

These still work though:

So all is left are memories from the past. And dead links from Stack Overflow, blogs and other sites to a defunct repository.

Dead links: even from for instance EDN: q=””

Luckily some of the links have been saved in the WayBack machine:

It would have been better if Embarcadero had put some time to archive everything there.

I doubt they will. There was a habit of reclassifying bugs in QC as “feature requests” which continues in Quality Portal (which requires login and is not indexed by search engines so has way less value).

[WayBack] And here is why I think twice before spending time to report feature requests to QP. And even bugs/unexpected behavior are regularly being sweeped under the carpet reclassified as new feature… – Stefan Glienke – Google+


Oh well, life goes on and relying on one development tool or vendor is never a good idea.



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VHD Attach 4.11 – Medo’s Home Page

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/06/05


This is small tool that adds Attach and Detach option to contextual (aka right-click) menu of Virtual disk (vhd) files. That enables those operations to be done without trip to Disk Management console. Detach option is available on hard drive contextual menu also (if selected in options).



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