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Archive for June 13th, 2017

Bug fixes from both sides for “Windows 10 Creators update and Delphi debugging don’t go well”

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/06/13

It looks like Microsoft and Embarcadero solved their ends for [WayBack] Windows 10 Creators update and Delphi debugging don’t go well… :

The issue was caused by the Windows LoadLibrary trying to optimise loading which backfired for libraries (PE files like DLL/EXE…) that have multiple import tables in them as generated by the Delphi and C++ Builder linker (and maybe other linkers as well).

Microsoft finetuned their optimisation whereas a future update to Delphi and C++ Builder will generate more optimised import tables.


via [WayBack] Blog post “The Issue with Delphi Runtime Packages and Windows 10 Creators Update”… – Marco Cantù – Google+


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URLs for Mikrotik scripts to block IP addresses after repetitive login failures

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/06/13

For my research list:


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Keep consistent formatting – via: The Oracle at Delphi: Code is the language, formatting is the dialect.

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/06/13

When this developer finally went to commit his/her changes, they had also reformatted most of the codebase into his/her preferred coding style/format. This was even for files for which no other changes had been made!Imagine the next developer coming along and pulling down the latest changes from the source control system and trying to merge them into their own local changes.

Because of all these code-format-only changes, it became nearly impossible to merge any changes without going through every conflicted file and painstakingly reconcile the changes.

I’ve seen this happen on a few projects where there have been sequential single developers some of which reformatted the whole code base within a few days of taking over.

It made it impossible to perform a “blame” or proper history tracking of feature changes.

That increased the cost of maintenance a lot.

I’ve been on several teams that enforced a pre-checkin standardised formatting of the code. Only rarely that causes problems, usually it’s a blessing to as it makes for a consistent formatting of the code-base where it is much easier to cut the crap and focus on what the real problem is.


Source: The Oracle at Delphi: Code is the language, formatting is the dialect.

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