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Increasing the WinBox font size on OS X

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/07/26

Though the Mikrotik people seem reluctant to make the font size in Winbox configurable, if you run it through WineBottler on OS X, you can scale the individual app. It’s not very pretty but makes it easier to use.

The trick is based on the Windows DPI font settings explained for instance at DPI Display Size Settings – Change – Windows 7 Help Forums and Large Fonts in Registry: Where Exactly? | PC Review but then in Wine.

For Windows, this is a system wide setting, but on a WineBottler application there is one “Windows environment” per application, so it’s application specific and should work for other applications than WinBox as well.

It makes it much easier to do script editing now.

Steps I performed:

  1. Quit all WinBox instances
  2. Open a Terminal
  3. Open this file /Applications/
  4. Find this key and name=value:
    • key
      • [System\\CurrentControlSet\\Hardware Profiles\\Current\\Software\\Fonts] 1460991918
    • name=value
      • "LogPixels"=dword:00000060
  5. Change the name=value to be like this (scales to 133.3333333%)
    • "LogPixels"=dword:00000080
  6. Save the file
  7. Start WinBox

The value increases the DPI from 0x60 (96 DPI) to 0x80 (128 DPI) , but the WinBox software isn’t smart enough to scale a lot of other UI properties based on it (like controls dialogs, grid cell sizes and script editors).

So it takes a bit of experimenting what works well (on my system, dword:00000090 – or 144 DPI) which scales to 150% cuts off too much of the descenders).

Values I tried:

  • dword:00000060
  • dword:00000078
  • dword:00000080
  • dword:00000084
  • dword:00000090

I got at this trick through [Wine] Screen font size then wading my way to find where system.reg was stored on my system.

TODO: dive into Fixing Windows font scaling without restarting | Marc Durdin’s Blog and see if other registry settings need to be applied as well.


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