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Manual:CRS examples – MikroTik Wiki

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/08/22

The Cloud Router Switches support three types of mirroring. Port based mirroring can be applied to any of switch-chip ports, VLAN based mirroring works for all specified VLANs regardless switch-chip ports and MAC based mirroring copies traffic sent or received from specific device reachable from the port configured in Unicast Forwarding Database.

Port Based Mirroring

The first configuration sets ether5 port as a mirror0 analyzer port for both ingress and egress mirroring, mirrored traffic will be sent to this port. Port based ingress and egress mirroring is enabled from ether6 port.

/interface ethernet switch
set ingress-mirror0=ether5 egress-mirror0=ether5

/interface ethernet switch port
set ether6 ingress-mirror-to=mirror0 egress-mirror-to=mirror0

Source: Manual:CRS examples – MikroTik Wiki [WayBack]

This allows you to torch traffic from a specific port despite that port being grouped to a master-port.

Via: Torch not working with CRS226-24G-2S+ – MikroTik RouterOS [WayBack]

But, when using Bridge, all ports share a single 1 gbps link to the CPU, so your layer 2 performance will suffer horribly.

If you need to see all the traffic from a single port when using Master/slave port configuration, use port mirroring.



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