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Delphi analog to C# ?? null-coalescing operator and Light Table like debugger evaluation

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/09/05

Interesting stuff:


In more detail:

Source: 2016-10-15 – Zenryokuwawa


  TObjectHelper = class helper for TObject
    class function &&op_LogicalOr(A, B: T): T; static;

class function TObjectHelper.&&op_LogicalOr(A, B: T): T;
  if A <> nil then
    Result := A
    Result := B;

procedure Test;
  sl1, sl2, sl3: TStringList;
  sl1 := nil;
  sl2 := TStringList.Create;
  sl3 := sl1 or sl2; // -> sl3 = sl2


3 Responses to “Delphi analog to C# ?? null-coalescing operator and Light Table like debugger evaluation”

  1. rvelthuis said

    The TObjectHelper thing is amazing. It also works on classes, and I already managed to do addition, or to write a helper that gives TStrings an in operator. It is simply a cool find.

    • jpluimers said

      It’s indeed one of the language additions I like a lot.

      • sglienke said

        It’s a feature by accident – I hope they will add it as an official feature. Some operators are harmless to introduce for classes also on non ARC. Also introducing operator overloads per helper is a good thing and should be supported officially rather than having to use some compiler glitch.

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