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Script job killer – MikroTik RouterOS

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/10/09

After reading [WayBackScript job killer – MikroTik RouterOS I put lines like these into a few of my frequently running scripts:

/system script environment get systemScriptJobCountTypeIsCommand
:global systemScriptJobCountTypeIsCommand

:local scriptsOfTypeCommandCount [$systemScriptJobCountTypeIsCommand];

:if ($scriptsOfTypeCommandCount > 4) do={
  $outputError value=("$scriptName; too many runnings commands ($scriptsOfTypeCommandCount); bailing out early");
  :return -1;

They in turn use this underlying function:

:local scriptName "Function.systemScriptJobCountTypeIsCommand.rsc"
/system script environment remove [ find where name="systemScriptJobCountTypeIsCommand" ];

:global systemScriptJobCountTypeIsCommand do={
  :local result [:len [/system script job find where type=command]];
#  :put "result=$result"
  :return $result;

## Example:
## /import scripts/Function.systemScriptJobCountTypeIsCommand.rsc
## :put [$systemScriptJobCountTypeIsCommand];


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