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Archive for October 26th, 2017

Internet of default passwords … – did it improve at all?

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/10/26

Just over a year after this got posted, I wonder what the current state of affairs is. Did it get a lot worse or just a little (as when writing this in November 2016 my guess is that it won’t get any better soon):

To repeat +Thomas Mueller ‘s words:

Internet of default passwords …
Sounds bad until you realize that it’s even worse. There are millions of devices out there that can be or have already been compromised and can get their owners into deep shit, without their owners even doing anything wrong. And keeping your virus scanner up to date won’t help at all (it doesn’t really protect your PC either, but that’s a different story).

Just watch the first 10 minutes of the video, but be warned, it might ruin your day.

Via +Joe C. Hecht:

I found this to be a superior product – If you are into security, this episode was worth a listen. I hear they are into talking about home servers too. I like that.

A new TechSNAP is OUT:

The Internet of Things is the Internet of Terrible, we’ll round up the week’s stories & submit the TechSNAP solution to you the audience. Plus the security cost of Android fragmentation, great questions & a packed round up!


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The Format function introduced in Delphi 1 was based on the FormatStr function in Turbo Vision available in Turbo Pascal 6 or higher

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/10/26

I did find my Borland Pascal 7.0.1 ISO which showed that is identical to ./BP/RTL/TV/FORMAT.ASM which is used from ./BP/RTL/TV/DRIVERS.PAS to provide this:

{ String formatting routines }


procedure FormatStr(var Result: String; const Format: String; var Params);external {FORMAT};

There are various examples like in ./BP/EXAMPLES/DOS/TVDEMO/ASCIITAB.PAS at line 143:

FormatStr(TempStr, ' Char: %c Decimal: %0# Hex: %0#x ', ASCIIChar);

So it was in the Drivers unit, but also easy to incorporate in your own unit by linking the .OBJ file and providing the external declaration in any unit.

The Drivers unit is very independent of the rest of Turbo Vision: it uses the Objects unit (which most projects use as the System unit at ~500 lines of code provided very little functionality by itself).

For the diskette based install, the .TPU files were on the standard disks and the sources for both RTL and Turbo Vision on separate disks, but anyone would install them as they provided a lot of insight. The CD-ROM has them all on the same medium (both as installers and unpacked in the BP directory).

I just checked Turbo Pascal 6.0 (that I did have a VM for) which has them in the same way.

Source: [WayBackWe’re discussing with the collegues: anybody knows when Format function was introduced in Delphi? – Klaus Edelmann – Google+


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