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Search in Google+ – Computer – Google+ Help

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/12/18

I forgot how long it took them and how frustrating searches were without the new search operators, but they finally are there. So you don’t have to click again for the advanced options, I’ve quoted them below.

So earlier this year Google sort of restored the classic search (Remember when G+ search was useful? It again is. « The Wiert Corner – irregular stream of stuff) making it on par with the 2013 [WayBack] Search tips within Google Plus – WebSIGHT Hangouts and now they finally topped it.



Lars Fosdal made a nice concise list of it.


Lars Fostal (with some minor additions from me):

In the summary below, note that an id can be the number or character sequence that is unique to a profile, community or collection:

from: <me | name | profile id>

has: <attachment | video | photo | doc | slides | spreadsheet | poll>

before: 2015/3/14
after: 2014-03-14

commenter: <me | profile id>

mention: <me | profile id>

in: <community | collection | community id | collection id>

community: <community id>

collection: <collection id>

And of course you can use AND (which is implicit), OR and NOT (which can also be the minus sign):

from:google AND from:cloud
from:google from:home has:video
has:doc OR has:ppt OR has:spreadsheet
from:116899029375914044550 NOT has:attachment
from:”Google Cloud” has:attachment

Advanced search options (the ones most people were really after for a long time):

You can refine a search in Google+ with these advanced searches.


Find posts from a specific user or user ID.

Tip: The ID, or url_id, is the string of numbers at the end of a profile’s URL.


Find posts with specific content.

before & after

Find posts posted before or after a certain date. Format date as YYYY/MM/DD or YYYY-MM-DD.


Find posts commented on by a specific user.


Find posts that mention a specific user.


Find posts in any community or collection, or in a specific community or collection by ID.

Tip: The community or collection ID is the string of numbers and letters at the end of a community or collection’s URL.


You can refine your search to include multiple queries or exclude certain terms by using logic operators. Enter these operators in all capital letters.

Tip: You can search for multiple operators without use of the word “AND.” You can also replace “NOT” with a minus sign.


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