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Archive for February 1st, 2018

Does this company still exist today? ; DROP TABLE “COMPANIES”;– LTD

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/02/01

About a year ago, this company was incorporated:


[WayBack; DROP TABLE “COMPANIES”;– LTD – Overview (free company information from Companies House)

via: [WayBack] From the Trololo-Dept: – Kristian Köhntopp – Google+


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GetPublished – Author Information

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/02/01

One day I must re-publish these papers:

Author Information

ID: 1454
First name: Jeroen W.
Last name: Pluimers
User name:
Biography: Jeroen Pluimers has had a long history in software development ranging from high-level knowledge-based systems to low-level communcation. After discovering his love for teaching, he started one of the first Delphi consulting firms in Europe, and has been speaking at national and international conferences ever since. He presents on Delphi, C#, the Microsoft .NET Platform, and Linux. Jeroen is a Certified Delphi Developer and Borland Certified Instructor. Jeroen’s strength is in getting totally different technologies to work together. He likes to integrate different languages, platforms, frameworks, and databases. As a bug hunter and idea generator, Jeroen has contributed to many products such as Developer Express? Component Development Kit and Borland Delphi. In his free time, Jeroen plays percussion in a world-famous marching band. He also enjoys reading fine books and sampling foreign cuisines.
Image not available

[WayBack] GetPublished – Author Information

From the referencing pages:

Administrating and Configuring Linux for Kylix

Intermediate paper for Delphi programmers starting to use Linux. It explains how to use and integrate Linux and Kylix with Windows and Delphi.�

The Delphi Developer’s Guide to C#

As a Delphi developer, you will find C# easier to learn than you might have thought. Get a head start with this revealing presentation.�

Choosing COM, CORBA or SOAP: What Do they Share and What Sets them Apart

This session describes COM, CORBA and SOAP, indicating what they share, what sets them apart, and how you can choose among them.�

CASE STUDY: ReCruit — Matching and Administration for Recruitment

This session provides a demonstration of ReCruit, including a discussion of its development and deployment process. ReCruit was built using Delphi and InterBase.�


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Happy “check your backups day”; does your restore process work? And how is the rest of your admin process doing?

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/02/01

Today is [WayBack] Check your backups Day! started by @CyberShambles in dedication of the @Gitlab outage on 20170201.

Please check your restoration process now. As people screw up and accidents happen (I know first hand from a client).

Why isn’t this date on January 31st? Long short story: the failure started that date, but restoration took most of 20170201. So February 1st it is.

Others will follow and GitLab wasn’t alone, as a few days before had to restore a 2015 database backup.

It all comes back to

Nobody wants backup.

Everybody wants restore.

which made it to the 2008 [ – The Admin Zen and has been attributed to various people including [WayBackto Kristian Köhntopp and [WayBackto Martin Seeger who told Kristian Köhntopp that it was coined by Sun’s Michael Nagorsnik at one of the early [WayBackNuBIT. Martin was there; he knows (:

The oldest mention of the phrase I could find was in 2006 by Volker Bir at [WayBackSpy Sheriff – so how do people get infected w/ this thing?.

Keeping clients in the loop

Since hosts their updates blog on their own platform, the restore resulted in the post prior to [Archive.isUpdate after crash ;) – Soup Updates sort of ironically being the mid-2015 [WayBackGive us your money! – Soup Updates. Usually dogfooding is a good thing though.

During such a downtime, it is crucial to stay in touch through alternative channels. didn’t do a good job on their twitter account: they only announced the “update after crash”, not being down, why or progress.

They also deny the WayBack machine access to because of [WayBack] robots.txt because how they redirect through /remotes, but luckily doesn’t care about that and has less old archived as recent as end of 2015.

GitLab did a much better job on their GitLabStatus account.

Postmortems and organisation culture.

Everybody can screw up, and usually a severe outage happens even when everybody tries to do the right thing. The only way to learn from it is to have [WayBackBlameless PostMortems and a Just Culture – Code as Craft.

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