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Archive for March 12th, 2018

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/03/12

Een aantal jaar met wat minder OV en ik heb gemist dat dit in 2015 is geïntroduceerd: [WayBack 2015]:

Niet in- of uitgecheckt? Vraag je saldo terug in drie simpele stappen!

Hoe werkt dit?

  1. Vul je OV-chipkaart gegevens in
  2. Halte of station
  3. Bevestiging Je gegevens

Goed om te weten: het kan even duren voordat je rit op deze website wordt getoond. In de meeste gevallen kun je je saldo binnen 14 dagen terugvragen.

Je kunt er ook een email adres registreren voor een automatische melding (maximaal 3 keer per jaar) als je bent vergeten uit of in- te checken.


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If I ever have to do bind named work again…

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/03/12

Boy, named can be cryptic.

So here are some links that might help me in the future


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How do I disconnect all other users in tmux? – Stack Overflow

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/03/12

The joy of single character command-line switches, so thanks [WayBack] demure for answering at [WayBackHow do I disconnect all other users in tmux? – Stack Overflow:

You can use <prefix> D (where prefix is C-b by default), to chose which clients to detach; it will also list they col/lines as well as the last used time.

You could also use tmux’s detach-client option

 detach-client [-P] [-a] [-s target-session] [-t target-client]
               (alias: detach)
         Detach the current client if bound to a key, the client specified
         with -t, or all clients currently attached to the session speci-
         fied by -s.  The -a option kills all but the client given with
         -t.  If -P is given, send SIGHUP to the parent process of the
         client, typically causing it to exit.

either from <prefix>:followed by detach [options] or on the command line inside tmux with tmux detach [options]


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