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When updates on a SELECT timeout with FireDAC, MSSQL 2016 and a ~8k varbinary field in the table

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/04/26

A change of FetchOptions.CursorKind from ckAutomatic to ckDynamic does the trick.

did fix this issue:

I stumbled about a problem regarding FireDAC and MSSQL 2016. The table has four fields, one being of type varbinary(max). When I omit this blob field from the SELECT, I can update any field without problems using the edit and post methods of TFDQuery. It is only when I include that blob field in the SELECT, I cannot update the other fields anymore (the blob is not changed). The post runs into a timeout. It seems that the table is somehow locked. That guess is backed by the fact that even a simple UPDATE query executed from Management Studio is also blocked until I reset my application inside the debugger.Interestingly an INSERT runs without problems.

Via: [WayBack] I stumbled about a problem regarding FireDAC and MSSQL 2016…. G+ Uwe Raabe


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