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Archive for April 8th, 2018

Git repository with fixed binaries for Tumbleweed on Raspberry Pi 3 – Bug 1084419 – Glibc update to 2.27 causes segfault during name resolution

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/04/08

OSC downloads for []

The binaries provided by Stefan Brüns, together with installation instructions are now in a git repository at [WayBack] a.k.a. arm64/1084182-fix-osc-binaries · GitLab.

Follow the steps in Applying the fixes on a broken system to at least temporarily get your system to work (a new zypper dist-upgrade might fail, so be careful with that).


Posted in *nix, *nix-tools, Development, DVCS - Distributed Version Control, git, Hardware Development, Linux, openSuSE, Power User, Raspberry Pi, Source Code Management, SuSE Linux, Tumbleweed | Leave a Comment »

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