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Archive for November 27th, 2018

An In Depth Guide Into a Ridiculously Simple API Using .NET Core

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/11/27

Since I am going to be involved with building some REST API servers and clients in .NET, here are some links to get me up to speed.

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web servers and pre-compressed content

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/11/27

One of my sites is about a lot of static content which is mostly generated too. So I want to put some research into pre-compressing that content before serving it.

Here are some links that might put me in the right direction:


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Fritz!Box LUA links on my research list

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/11/27

I’m not sure around which firmware versions Fritz!Box started to implement LUA links, but they are now on my research list.

Below a reference and where I found them.

A few notes first:

  • There are many duplicates, which in due time I need to de-duplicate.
  • The .lua links seem to override the old cgi-bin links (that are partially reverse engineered at [WayBackCategory:Befehle in /usr/www/cgi-bin – Fritz!Box).
  • Usually, .lua links require a SID. In the web-ui, a Fritz!Box very much tries to hide that SID from URLs in the browser address bar (especially for firmware versions 06.50 and up) so the easiest to get them is this:
    1. Login to your Fritz!Box
    2. Manually copy any of the URLs in the left side
    3. Take the SID from there.
  • More recent firmware versions hide the .lua links too, but you can see them when monitoring your network traffic in the developer mode of your web browser

Logging in programmatically needs a challenge response mechanism. It used to be at [Wayback] but now has moved to [Wayback/Archive.is

Here is the list:

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