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Archive for November 29th, 2018

Some links that might help migrating from Mantis to GitLab

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/11/29

I might give a few of these a shot:


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Parsing simple html in Python

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/11/29

Was working to get fritzcap to emit a list of interfaces so I could specify which one to capture.

For that I needed to parse the output of which consists of HTML fragments like below.

What I needed was for each consecutive entries of [WayBack] th and first [WayBack] button tags:

  • content of the th¬†tag
  • content of the value¬†attribute of the button¬†tag having a type="submit"¬†attribute and name=start¬†attribute

So before starting to work on it, I created [WayBack] In order to fix #5, print a list of available interfaces to potentially capture from · Issue #6 · jpluimers/fritzcap

The goal was to get a series of key/value pairs:

4-138 = AP2 (2.4 + 5 GHz, ath1) - Interface 1
4-137 = AP2 (2.4 + 5 GHz, ath1) - Interface 0
4-132 = AP (2.4 GHz, ath0) - Interface 1
4-131 = AP (2.4 GHz, ath0) - Interface 0
4-129 = HW (2.4 GHz, wifi0) - Interface 0
4-128 = WLAN Management Traffic - Interface 0a

So I built a class descending from¬†[WayBack]¬†HTMLParser ‚ÄĒ Simple HTML and XHTML parser¬†that ships with the [WayBack]¬†Python standard libraries.

If in the future I need more complex HTML parsing, then these links will help me choosing more feature rich parsers:

Back to the HTMLParser descendant in which can basically be condensed down to the code below.

  • handle_data¬†is called for both start tags and end tags. The th¬†value in data is only present in the start tag (at the time of end tag the data is empty), so you need to keep track of both last_start_tag and last_end_tag.
  • handle_endtag¬†maintains last_end_tag¬†to help handle_data.
  • handle_starttag¬†maintains last_start_tag¬†to help handle_data¬†and also handles the button¬†behaviour.
    • The buttonis only relevant if it has type="submit"¬†and name="start"¬†and a value¬†attribute in that order.
    • Output is in data¬†which is an array of key/value¬†pairs.

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