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Need to try this: overloaded default properties

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/05/15

[] Need to try this: … multiple default index properties having the same name …getters can be overloads … resolve …by type signature … – Thomas Mueller (dummzeuch) – Google+, thanks to marck for this brilliantly simple example:

  function GetColumnValue(const ColumnName: string): string; overload;
  function GetColumnValue(Index: Integer): string; overload;
  procedure SetColumnValue(Index: Integer; const Value: string);
  property Values[const ColumnName: string]: string read GetColumnValue; default;
  property Values[ColumnIndex: Integer]: string read GetColumnValue write SetColumnValue; default;

This means:

  • you can have multiple default indexor properties
  • the multiple indexor properties can have the same name e.g., Values
  • the properties getters can be overloads (i.e. have the same name) e.g., GetColumnValue
  • Delphi will resolve the overloads by type signature


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