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Archive for July 9th, 2019

Thread around DCEF3 leaking memory, but DCEF4 doesn’t taught me to look at madExcept for memory leak checking too

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/07/09

This thread about [WayBack] DCEF3 memory leak in Delphi XE2  – Alberto Paganini – Google+ taught me that madExcept has a much more elaborate memory leak checking than FastMM4: it checks any Windows memory heap allocation, handle leaks, etc, not just the Delphi code induced memory allocations.

Thanks David Heffernan for commenting this part:

The madExcept leak tracking tools are much more comprehensive than those of FastMM because have much greater coverage. FastMM’s leak tracking tools are great, but only track native Delphi allocations. With the madExcept tooling you get all heap allocations (including non-native ones), handle leaks etc.

That is not to belittle the FastMM tooling at all…

Time to again look at [WayBack] – madExcept description


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David A. Koontz on Twitter: “Software – so many options” – rethink SOLID

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/07/09

[WayBackDavid A. Koontz‏ @davidakoontz More Software – so many options

via: [WayBackWeekend Reader 2017.42 – reality-loop

Oldest I could find: [WayBackNo free lunch – Free Agile! Community


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