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Archive for July 4th, 2019

A COM Object Collection (IEnumVARIANT) – Delphi Tips – CJC Delphi (Cool Delphi Tips)

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/07/04

Summary of [WayBack] A COM Object Collection (IEnumVARIANT) – Delphi Tips – CJC Delphi (Cool Delphi Tips)

Question: How to implements object collection that support Visual Basic’s For Each construct ?

In order to implements an object collection your object has to return  IEnumVariant pointer from a special property named _NewEnum.

Via: [WayBack] What interface to I need to implement to allow ForEach in VBA on a COM object written in delphi? – Stack Overflow


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Web Audio Modem

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/07/04

Geekpr0n: [WayBackWeb Audio Modem

What do you do when you cannot copy text between computers due to lack of internet connectivity? I built a modem using the Web Audio API, allowing data transfer via audio.

It is on github at martme/webaudio-modem: Encode and decode text using the Web Audio API to enable offline data transfer between devices.

There are three demo pages at [ – Web Audio Encoder too:



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Delphi Galileo IDE (version 8 and up): Force files to be saved as UTF8 – The Oracle at Delphi

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/07/04

Though formatting mangled the registry key to add, the article is interesting: since 2003 (C# Builder 1), you can force the IDE to always save files as UTF8 which should alleviate a lot of encoding problems.

It beats me why this isn’t the default setting, but below is an example .reg file for Delphi 8 which should be easily transformed to more recent Delphi versions:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

So basically (if formatting is kept), you browse to this key (replace Borland with the company for your specific Delphi version, and replace 2.0 by your IDE version):


Then you add a new string value named DefaultFileFilter with value Borland.FileFilter.UTF8ToUTF8

More background [WayBack] The Oracle at Delphi: More IDE secrets – UTF8 and the Editor

The unmangled registry key (and more tips) was from [WayBackBSC Polska: Hidden possibilities of Delphi 8.

Get the list of HKEY_CURRENT_USER paths for your Delphi version at Update to List-Delphi-Installed-Packages.ps1 shows HKCU/HKLM keys and doesn’t truncated fields any more.


Via: [WayBack] Is there any way (IDE expert?) to automatic set encoding of each PAS file in UTF-8 instead of ANSI? – Jacek Laskowski – Google+

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