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The Channel9 programming languages guys to watch: Eric and Erik

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/11/05

When watching the episodes of Eric and Erik,

They both worked on the C# team, but have lots of experience designing and developing other languages.

Their views of the languages, teams and companies that make software today is enlightening as basically more and more companies should be software companies but forgot they are.

I’ve been advocating this to both large and small companies since the mid 1990s and by now you see the people getting it are having a blast.

When you look at the language leve, you clearly see how slowly progress is made and how far most languages are behind. I think both the JVM, CLR, LLVM and JavaScript are the foundations to base on but that tooling is still very much in its infancy.


via Stefan Glienke pointing me to Checking In: Eric Lippert – On Compiler Evolution, Designing C# and Blogging | Checking In with Erik Meijer | Channel 9

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