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Delphi: TInvokableClassRegistryHelper.GetInterfaceNamespace as the opposite of TInvokableClassRegistry.RegisterInterface

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/09/17

A while ago, I needed the opposite of InvRegistry.RegisterInterface(TypeInfo(MySoapInterfacePortType, 'urn:myURN', 'utf-8');, so instead of registering an interface with a namespace URN, obtain the URN by passing the interface inverting [WayBack] TInvokableClassRegistry.RegisterInterface.

This is the class helper I wrote:

  TInvokableClassRegistryHelper = class helper for TInvokableClassRegistry
    function GetInterfaceNamespace(Info: PTypeInfo): string;

function TInvokableClassRegistryHelper.GetInterfaceNamespace(Info: PTypeInfo): string;
  InfoGuid: TGUID;
  // call like `Result := InvRegistry.GetInterfaceNamespace(TypeInfo(MySoapInterfaceType));`
  InfoGuid := GetTypeData(Info)^.Guid; // uses TypInfo; see
  Result := GetNamespaceByGUID(InfoGuid);

It would have been a lot easier if TInvokableClassRegistry.GetIntfIndex has been public, because then [WayBack]TInvokableClassRegistry.GetRegInterfaceEntry could have been used.


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