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Archive for September 3rd, 2020

getting a svn compatible patch diff from the latest commit in a git branch

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/09/03

git diff --no-prefix @~

Via various sources:


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Interesting: SQL Server FileStream and FileTable

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/09/03

Some links for my research (when writing this a few years back, I had not done a lot of SQL Server BLOB work for a while, so I missed a lot of interesting progress).


As of SQL Server 2008, one can use FileStream, which SQL Server installs on an NTFS file system local to the SQL Server instance, but is accessible over the SQL Server API. It benefits from a lot of SQL Server features (including transactional and backup related).

As of SQL Server 2012, FileTable has extended FileStream, which makes it even easier to access the files from Windows applications.

Over the years, FileStream and FileTable has improved a lot.

Some links to get a feel:


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Mike Versteeg tried getting Hi-DPI to work in Delphi 10.2

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/09/03

Wondering how far Mike Versteeg has gotten in the mean time with the newer versions of Delphi that have come up: [WayBack] I’m having a go at multi monitor high DPI support for my styled 64 bit VCL app, which is still not supported in 10.2. Using Scaled and ScaleBy I can com… – Mike Versteeg – Google+


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