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Viewing a USB WebCam on Windows 10 without any fuzz

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/09/28

Windows 10 comes with a broken Camera viewer and before that, Windows 7 killed the one in Windows XP.

On a Mac you have the open source Quick Camera (which named QCamera before, seeViewing an USB camera on Mac OS X without mirroring and Capturing from a Magewell XI100USB on a Mac using OS X) at [WayBack] GitHub – simonguest/quick-camera.

For Windows 7, a long search initially revealed a lot of bloat-ware, but finally ended to these two both from the same author:

It is not open source (yet?), but since it is .NET, it is reasonable easy to see the innards.

Like QCamera, it does not require installation: just unzip and run. Enjoy!

Yes, I know there are Windows 10 workaround steps via Microsoft.CameraApp.App.ctor, but if you look at [WayBack] Win10 Home N – Camera App fails: System.IO.FileNotFoundException – Microsoft Community you will understand I did not apply them.

Similarly, when you install Skype from the app store, then sign-in, it will tell you that Skype is out of date.



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