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Some links on the Delphi VolatileAttribute

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/08/12

Some links, because I had a hard time finding good documentation on VolatileAttribute (which is the name of the type; you use it as [Volatile] on variables, parameters and fields.



The volatile attribute is used to mark fields that are subject to change by different threads, so that code generation does not optimize copying the value in a register or another temporary memory location.

You can use the volatile attribute to mark the following declarations:

You cannot use the volatile attribute to mark the following declarations:

    TMyClass = class
        [volatile] FMyVariable: TMyType;




Demos now are in either of these:

Unlike the past sourceforge version control archive, where you could track all the changes over Delphi versions (major, minor and work inbetween), now each major and minor version of Delphi gets a new repository with only a main branch.

This clearly shows Embarcadero has no clue on version control, and is oblivious of the majority of their sales being upgrades of customers interesting in changes over Delphi versions instead of only the last few commits for the current version.


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