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Archive for August 18th, 2021

bash – Search for a previous command with the prefix I just typed – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/08/18

[WayBack] bash – Search for a previous command with the prefix I just typed – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange answered by [WayBack] John1024:

What you are looking for is Ctrl-R.

Type Ctrl-R and then type part of the command you want. Bash will display the first matching command. Keep typing CtrlR and bash will cycle through previous matching commands.

To search backwards in the history, type Ctrl-S instead. (If Ctrl-S doesn’t work that way for you, that likely means that you need to disable XON/XOFF flow control: to do that, run stty -ixon.)

This is documented under “Searching” in man bash.

Comment by [WayBack] HongboZhu:

Ctrl-Q to quit the frozen state, if you already hit Ctrl-S without turning off flow control first and got your terminal frozen.

A far more elaborate answer with many other tips is from [WayBack] Peter Cordes:

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LOL: atx psu 24pin 24p power supply jumper jack adapter connector for btc – Google Search

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/08/18

LOL: [WayBack] atx psu 24pin 24p power supply jumper jack adapter connector for btc – Google Search

Via [WayBack] Brad Smith a Twitter: “LOL I just wanted to buy the cheapest ATX socket on ebay to to make a little power jumper connector, and the cheapest one already has the wire stuck onto it. “…for BTC” 🤣… “


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No GitHub: re-introducing an Inbox or Direct Messages is a bad idea!

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/08/18

Yesterday I published about Yet again, GitHub violates the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines by stealing a key: not it is the dot (.), and this week some feelers were put out for a kind of GitHub Inbox / Direct Message feature:

[] GitHub Projects on Twitter: “What if there was 📨 DM/inbox feature on GitHub?”

There already is (which is public instant messaging around GitHub repositories), and people have enough trouble managing all their incoming private message streams (be it paper/email inbox, social media and others), in large part because of SPAM and harassment messages.

It wasn’t by accident that the Private Messaging at GitHub feature was ditched almost a decade ago during [Wayback/] 2012 Spring Cleaning | The GitHub Blog:

Private Messaging, however, was a step backwards: nobody wants another inbox. And a sub-par one, at that. Email is still the best way to contact someone.

Today we’re removing Private Messaging from GitHub. If you want people to contact you, please provide a public email address for your profile.

So I’m with all these:

Yes, I know [] Tierney Cyren on Twitter: “A reminder that this account doesn’t actually represent GitHub nor any feature planning GitHub is doing… “, but I want to make absolutely clear to GitHub that another private message feature is a very bad idea.


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