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Archive for August 13th, 2021

IPMI will not grab IP even with DHCP turned on : homelab

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/08/13


  1. ensure the IPMI network cable is connected before connecting the power cable
  2. ensure the IPMI LAN is using the dedicated interface
  3. ensure the IPMI LAN interface is connected to a “non green” port of your network switch
  4. ensure the DHCP server has been cold rebooted
  5. ensure the IPMI VLAN configuration matches your network
  6. ensure the IPMI firewall configuration matches the network you try to reach IPMI from
  7. ensure the motherboard does not have a short-circuit anywhere

Otherwise SuperMicro devices might not get a DHCP address on the IPMI (BMC) interface, despite the tooling like [WayBack] ipmicfg indicating getting DHCP was succesful.

This especially holds for X9 boards, likely for newer boards as well.

Personally I never had the 4. and up above, but I bumped into 1. and 2. with SuperMicro boards and 3. with other devices.

Based on

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Installing a Fujitsu PFU ScanSnap ix1500: ScanSnap Home upgrade screenshots

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/08/13

For my screenshot archive:

A retry with about 5 gigabyte of free space went further:

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ScanSnap Advanced Operation Guide (Mac OS) Creating Searchable PDF Files

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/08/13

This works only for PDF files originally created by ScanSnap (otherwise “Unsuccessful” with “Non-ScanSnap PDF”: [WayBack] ScanSnap Advanced Operation Guide (Mac OS) Creating Searchable PDF Files


  • Vertical text can be searched with Adobe Acrobat, but not with Spotlight or Preview.


The [Searchable PDF Converter] icon Searchable PDF Converter Icon appears in the status menu of the menu bar while Searchable PDF Converter is running. For details, refer to the ScanSnap Manager Help.

  1. Click the [Searchable PDF Converter] icon Searchable PDF Converter in the Quick Menu.
    • The [Searchable PDF Converter – PDF Conversion List] window appears, and conversion starts.
      Searchable PDF Converter


    On a window that appears when [Searchable PDF Converter] is started for the first time, click the [OK] button to open the [Searchable PDF Converter – Initial Settings] window. In the [Searchable PDF Converter – Initial Settings] window, specify the processes that are to be performed, the conversion timing, and the folder to which the converted files are saved while conversion into searchable PDF files is being performed.

    Searchable PDF Converter - Initial Settings

When using different kinds of PDFs, you get this error:

I have not figured out yet how it recognises ScanSnap generated PDF files.


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