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Archive for October 30th, 2021

During next night, it is time to move the clock, hopefully for the last time

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/10/30

Wasn’t the European Union going to stop moving clocks twice a year? Yup, as of it 2021 it should have stopped with the [Wayback] Seasonal clock change in the EU | Mobility and Transport.

But then Brexit came along, followed by Covid-19, and earlier 2021, this happened: [Wayback] Clock stops on EU plan to scrap daylight savings time

Contentious move to abolish mandatory seasonal clock changes ‘not top priority now’

So tomorrow it is winter time again, and we need to move the clock, hopefully for the last time, but  hopefully not like in the mirror of the Dutch comic DirkJan – Wikipedia by [WayBackAnnelies Hofstede on Twitter: “… “, which is done transitioning to Winter time – Wikipedia:

This is the original summer time version of the DirkJan comic:

Background information and similar comics are at Likely the end of a tradition… ᴊᴏᴏsᴛ su Twitter: “Dear Mr. Juncker, you may not know this but here in Holland we have Dirk-Jan and it is tradition to read this comic twice a year don’t take this away from us it’s the only non-racist tradition we have!!!! Please!!!!!…”.


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