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Creating shortcut URLs for hangout conversations with specific people: the GAIA ID

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/02/04

GAIA is the Google Accounts and ID Administration system, and the GAIA ID is the identifier to uniquely refer to an account on the Google platform.

With the GAIA ID, you can construct a Hangouts URL that identifies a discussion with that person.

Getting the GAIA ID for a user on hangouts

In the past, people Google Plus to obtain the GAIA ID. When searching to get the GAIA ID, most results use this method, but it does not work any more as Google Plus was shut down for personal use in April 2019.

To get your own GAIA ID, the easiest method is to follow the steps in [Wayback] Create direct link to Google Hangouts chat – Web Applications Stack Exchange:

The easiest way I know of right now to find Gaia ID is actually to go to and the 21 numbers that reveal itself once you go to Album Archive will be your own and you can use it.

Once you get the id, it easy to create your hangout link.[Gaia ID]

where [Gaia Id] = 1xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (21 digits)

To get the GAIA ID from someone you had a hangouts conversation with [Wayback] How To Find The Google ID (Gaia ID) Of An Email, And The User’s Google Maps Reviews And Public Albums – Webint Master:

The easiest way to find the user’s GAIA ID is through the Hangouts web-app. enter and create a New Conversation in the contact area on the left.

Paste the email address you want to explore to the search bar. You’ll get the user card on Hangouts.

Right-click on the user’s card, and select Inspect. It will open you the developer tools of the site on the right.

Look for hovercard-oid (make sure the email you searched appears under it after hovercard-email) and copy the 21-digits ID.

Constructing the Hangouts URL with a GAIA ID

Now that you have the GAIA ID, you can construct the hangouts URL, for instance for GAIA ID 1xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

The mentioned above will redirect you to


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