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Archive for July 5th, 2022

Powershell code formatting and coding style and style guides: some links and elaboration

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/07/05

I started doing occasional PowerShell “work” long before Visual Studio Code came along with its [Wayback] PowerShell Extension.

Back then, my tool of choice was PowerGUI: Settling on PowerGUI for PowerShell development. Before that it was PowerShell ISE.

Since then, I fiddled around a bit with Visual Studio Code, but not much. Then I got treated for rectum cancer, and when writing this, I’m back to Visual Studio code with the PowerShell Extension and already figured out a lot has improved.

One of the things is code formatting. Back some 7 years ago, this was all not set in stone. Now it is, so it is important to adhere to.

I already posted Code Layout and Formatting: Indentation · PowerShell Practice and Style last year, so now it is good repeat the link in it and add some more.

For my link archive:

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