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I switched from SysInternals’ TcpView to NirSoft’s CurrPorts (cports)

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/11/18

I was a long time user of SysInternalsTcpView, but a while back I switched to NirSoft‘s CurrPorts (cports).

The main reason is that TcpView does not support filtering, which in the long past was not a problem since few Windows applications keep TCP connection open.

But nowadays with so many network dependencies, especially when using cloud services like DropBox/OneDrive/GoogleDrive/backblaze, these clutter the view a lot.

NirSoft’s CurrPorts (actually the executable is called [Wayback/Archive] cports.exe) can filter for both inclusion/exclusion on the open ports list based on many parameters (search for the “Using Filters” section in the cports.exe documentation: it’s a little bit below the version history).

The filtering syntax is extensive, and for ease of use, the context menu of the open ports list allows adding include/exclude filters on various parameters. After doing that, you can inspect the filter list to get an idea of possibilities and syntax.

For me, the easiest way to install CurrPorts is through [Wayback/Archive] Chocolatey Software | CurrPorts 2.65.

I found CurrPorts when trying to figure out how to use filters in TcpView: [Wayback/Archive] tcpview filter by process – Google Search


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