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Archive for November 25th, 2022

Isotopp’s home sensor network

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/11/25

For my link archive an interesting blog post by isotopp (Kristian Köhntopp)

[Wayback] My home sensor network

I have been asked to document my home sensor network. Being married to a person with a background in web security sets boundary conditions:

  1. No cloud. We are running all services locally.
  2. No control, only metrics.

I am collecting data from a number of plugs with power meters over Wifi, using the MQTT protocol. I am also collecting data from a number of temperature sensors over Zigbee, and convert to MQTT. The MQTT data is ingested into Influx, and then read and plotted in Grafana. All of this is dockered and runs locally on an Ubuntu server.

Via [Archive] Kristian Köhntopp on Twitter: “For @sluongng …”


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