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Archive for November 9th, 2022

Installing vscode extensions from within the Visual Studio Code terminal was way easier than I anticipated

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/11/09

Having missed quite a lot of Visual Studio Code releases during my metastasised rectum cancer treatment and recovery, it had become both very mature, but also very reliant of having the right extensions installed.

In that period, the extension marketplace grew remarkably, so I really wanted an easy way to install them from within the inside vscode integrated Windows Terminal.

A while ago I wrote How can you export the Visual Studio Code extension list? (via: Stack Overflow), which generated a small script with code --install-extension <extension-name> lines so I could executed those from the command-line for Visual Studio installations on new machines.

Boy was I surprised that you can just as well execute them from the [Wayback/Archive] Integrated Terminal in Visual Studio Code as well (:

When doing so, the Visual Studio Code instance around that Integrated Terminal will automatically pick up the new extension.

I found that with a [Wayback/Archive] vscode install extension from within visual studio code console – Google Search and bumping in the video also embedded below the signature: [Archive] VS Code tips — Installing extensions from the command line using –install-extension – YouTube.

The video also showed that the installation syntax can also include the version number like this:

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