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Hugo, a static website engine written in Go: I might eventually switch WordPress to it

Posted by jpluimers on 2022/11/23

A long time ago, when just recovering from my december 2019 rectum cancer radiation treatments, I asked what Hugo was, to which tiara fan Jenn happily replied “[Archive] Jenn on Twitter: “It is a static website engine written in Go, … ““.

Like me, writing down or trying stuff is her way to remember things: [Archive] Jenn on Twitter: “For some reason, handwriting terminal commands helps to cement them in my head.… “

In 2021, Isotopp moved over to Hugo and I kindly asked if in the future he would help me out if I wanted to move from WordPress to Hugo.

The thread:

I will need to find a way to schedule posts though.

Note I archived Isotopp’s full thread at [Wayback/Archive] Thread by @isotopp on Thread Reader App – Thread Reader App.


It is a static website engine written in Go,

Related tweets in August 2020:

Wo ich arbeite scheint alles auf ein Markdown im Git und eine Variante von Hugo, Jekyll oder ähnlich zu konvergieren.

Gitlab Pages für Gitlab Häuser, die nicht schon Jira haben. Mit Web IDE ist das online und Inline zu bedienen.

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