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Reminder to self: check if FritzOS 7.50 has become available for Fritz!Box 7490

Posted by jpluimers on 2023/03/31

This post is a reminder to myself to check if Fritz!Box 7490 can be upgraded to the FritzOS (sometimes spelled Fritz!OS or FRITZ!OS) 7.50, which is the firmware that introduced WireGuard on various Fritz!Box models.

Initially it wasn’t available for the wildly popular Fritz!Box 7490 series which, at the time of writing was still a current Fritz!Box model, has been wildly popular in The Netherlands because of (now defunct) internet provider XS4ALL started shipping it to customers almost 10 years ago ([Wayback/Archive] Property:XS4ALL – BoxMatrix).

So I asked [Wayback/Archive] Jeroen Wiert Pluimers on Twitter: “Is there any information if (and hopefully estimate when) the @AVM_NL @AVM_DE 7.50 firmware is going to be available for the (in The Netherlands very well sold/distributed) Fritz!Box 7490 model? FritzOS 7.50 supports @WireGuardVPN: a big step forward.”

The Fritz!Box 7490 used to be the top-of-the-line model and is now an affordable model with lots of functions that has been running and selling stable for many years:

Many users have not upgraded because transferring the config between two different Fritz!Box models is a pain. I do have two more recent spare models lying around just in case the trusty 7490 starts to fail.

[Wayback/Archive] Transferring settings from one FRITZ!Box to another | FRITZ!Box 7490 | AVM International

Online telephone books are not taken into account when saving the settings and must be set up again

Having WireGuard support would allow me to finally get rid of the below-par IPSEC based VPN support on which I wrote these blog posts earlier:

Since AVM GmbH, the manufacturer of Fritz!Box devices, is German the announcements in the German language always appear first, with the Dutch following soon with a long article:

AVM did the announcement in multiple languages, including the English language:

The odd thing is that the Fritz!Box 7490 was one of the first to get the 7.51 beta firmware which was supposed to surpass 7.50. I have no idea why did did not shop 7.50 for it first. These are some links on the beta firmware:

Beta versions can be obtained in two translations:

More memories of the past

Yes, I know that in 2014 there was a security vulnerability in FritzOS. It was one of the few big vulnerabilities ever and XS4ALL was really quick noticing and taking measures:

Oh, these were some of their support pages back in the days:


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