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Two more Twitter bots that help with inclusion and accessibility (a11y): @get_altText and @captions_please

Posted by jpluimers on 2023/04/03

  1. [Archive] Alt Text Reader (@get_altText) / Twitter
    I read alt texts from images for you – just mention me in the reply to an image! (alt texts are a cool & accessible way to describe images – see pinned tweet)
    (If I’m broken, complain to @malfynnction)
  2. [Archive] captions_please (@captions_please) / Twitter

    I’m a bot, just starting to beep boop. Tag me in a tweet (or a reply to a tweet) and I’ll do my best to describe the image. Try @captions_please help for more

The first is developed and maintained by [Archive] φnn (@malfynnction) / Twitter with source code at [Wayback/Archive] malfynnction/AltText-Tweeter.

The second is developed and maintained by [Archive] Anil (@TheOtherAnil) / Twitter, with source code at [Wayback/Archive] AnilRedshift/captions_please_go where I learned the bot actually understands more commands, even some German:

Look for these methods in the file [Wayback/Archive] captions_please_go/parse_command.go at main · AnilRedshift/captions_please_go:

  • parseCommand
  • parseGerman
  • parseEnglish
  • parseGermanRemoveModifiers (removes words und and das)
  • parseGermanDirectives (understands the words hilfe, alternativtext, scannen, beschreiben, text)
  • parseEnglish
  • parseEnglishRemoveModifiers (removes words and and the)
  • parseEnglishLang (conditionally removes words in and into)
  • parseEnglishDirectives (understands the phrases help, auto, text, ocr, describe, caption, alttext, alt_text, alt text, translate, get)
  • parseTag (gets the target IETF Language Tag – like du-nl for Dutch-Netherlands or de-de for German-Germany, and fr-be for French-Belgium)
English / German Example Action
(nothing, internally called auto) As in @captions_please Tweets best it can do:

  • alt text if there is an image with an alt attribute,
  • ocr if there is an image without an alt attribute,
  • describe when no alt text or ocr can be returned.
help / hilfe As in @captions_please help Tweets help text
alt text, alttext, alt_text / alternativtext As in @captions_please alt text Tweets user-supplied alt text
ocr, text, get text / scannen As in @captions_please ocr Scan the image for text, then tweets the result
describe, caption / beschreiben As in @captions_please describe Tweets the AI generated description of the image
translate As in @captions_please translate Tweets the translated text

Also observe the commands set boolean flags in a structure, so it is possible to issue multiple commands at once (like @captions_please ocr translate fr-be)

The above Twitter accounts are complementing the below accounts/commands that I wrote about in One of the coolest Twitter bots commands: @AltTextCrew OCR please (and which both are being developed and maintained by [Archive] LGBTired 🏳️‍⚧️⚢ (@hbeckpdx) | Twitter):



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