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Awareness: FLICC – Disinformation 101 / PLURV – Grundkurs Desinformation / PLOKS – Basiscursus Desinformatie (thanks Klimafakten/SkepticalScience)

Posted by jpluimers on 2023/04/12

Based on my series of tweets about the below disinformation posters (unrolled via [Archive] Jeroen Wiert Pluimers on Twitter: “@threadreaderapp unroll @UnrollThread”).

At first, I got the order wrong, but I was quickly corrected:

I wrote that series because at 20210102, the Dutch version got reposted a lot without attribution, for instance by [Archive] Michiel Noordzij on Twitter: “…” / Twitter (via [Archive] Farmahond on Twitter: “Aanvulling: de verzonnen verhalen a.k.a. leugens. Kan onder kopje “Anekdote”. #2januariTwitterdemonstratie” / Twitter).

So here the posters go in the right chronological order:

  1.; German translated PLURV poster “Grundkurs Desinformation” – [Wayback/Archive] P-L-U-R-V: Dies sind die häufigsten Desinformations-Tricks von Wissenschafts-Leugnern |
    • Pseudo-Experten,
    • Logik-Fehler,
    • Unerfüllbare Erwartungen,
    • Rosinenpickerei,
    • Verschwörungsmythen.
  2.; Original English FLICC poster “Disinformation 101” -[Wayback/Archive] F-L-I-C-C: The most common disinformation tricks of science deniers |
    • Fake experts,
    • Logical fallacies,
    • Impossible expectations,
    • Cherry-picking,
    • Conspiracy theories.
  3.; Dutch translated PLOKS poster “Basiscursus Desinformatie” at [Wayback/Archive] P-L-O-K-S: Unser Info-Poster zu Strategien der Desinformation jetzt auch auf Niederländisch |
    • Pseudo experts,
    • Logische dwalingen,
    • Onmogelijke verwachtingen,
    • Krenten uit de pap halen,
    • Samenzweringstheorieën.

And the tweets from Klimafakten in the chronological order:

  1. [Archive] Sprechen wir darüber on Twitter: “Disinformation101 – How to distort scientific facts One of the main methods: presenting fake experts We explain this and the other four techniques of #FLICC in our brand-new info poster: … By the way, in German it’s #PLURV: …” / Twitter
  2. [Archive] Sprechen wir darüber on Twitter: “Be it #Corona, #ClimateChange or #Evolution – the science gets regularly distorted in political debates In a large-format infographic, we explain the five most common #disinformation ploys. Aka #FLICC (or #PLURV in German) … @johnfocook @skepticscience …” / Twitter
  3. [Archive] Sprechen wir darüber on Twitter: “Disinformation is a global plague. For those of you who might yet have missed out on it – here is our Dutch-language infographic explaining the five key disinformation techniques used in the climate debate 🧡🇳🇱#PLOKS … @peterteffer @whoebert @erikwesselius ….” / Twitter

The unrolls with the posters in the wrong chronological order:


English FLICC poster, as that better fits the blog audience:

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