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Archive for the ‘Arduino’ Category

Interesting: Electric Imp with Arduino (via: electric imp – developer kits)

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/05/28

Electric Imp – that wants to power The Internet of Things using imps – is introducing some really interesting hardware, one of the devevelopment kits combining Arduino and Imp on one board:

Duino: Arduino, with Imp

Featuring an ATMEGA328 processor, this board is compatible with the Arduino Uno but instead of having a USB-serial port on it, it has an Imp socket. You can use a modified version of the Arduino IDE to update the ATMEGA code from anywhere in the world when an Imp is plugged in, and use simple serial commands in your Arduino programs to control other Imp devices.

The ATMEGA will operate standalone when no imp card is inserted.

Dimensions: 72mm x 54mm x 14mm

Power supply: USB Mini-B socket (5v) or 2.1mm barrel jack (7-12v)

Price: $20

Some must read links:


via: electric imp – developer kits.

Posted in Arduino, Hardware Development, Hardware Interfacing, USB | 2 Comments »

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