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Archive for the ‘Naming Conventions’ Category

Some cool (mostly Dutch) WiFi names (related to my earlier naming posts)

Posted by jpluimers on 2023/05/22

From [Wayback/Archive] De Leukste Wifinaam van 2021 | NPO Radio 2:

  • It hurts when IP
  • Modem Talking
  • Boogie WonderLAN
  • AIVD afluisterplantenbak
  • WiFinal Countdown
  • Ichbinwifidu
  • Michiel de Router
  • Ziggo Stardust
  • Drop it like it’s hotspot
  • Draadlozing
  • WhyTellMeFi
  • Lekker Wifi
  • Wifi Soerjadi
  • Jodelawifi

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No, no, no, noooooo! – A Modern Hungarian Notation – Pixplicity

Posted by jpluimers on 2017/05/24

Some people still don’t get it:

We like to keep our code organized for readability, and use Hungarian Notation as prefixes where they clarify the purpose of a variable.

Source: A Modern Hungarian Notation – Pixplicity

My opinion on this:

  • Don’t abbreviate. There is code completion for a reason.
  • Put technical meanings at the end and functional meanings at the start of identifiers: software development is about functional stuff, not about technical stuff as the latter changes way faster than the former.
  • You might consider using prefixes for arguments, local variables, instance variables and such, but often that works against you while refactoring stuff.

Been there, done that (;

Source: Boy, there sure is a lot of discussion about Hungarian Notation!


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