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Archive for the ‘Delphi 10.2 Tokyo (Godzilla)’ Category

I’m using Delphi XE 10.2: empty documentation tab means you need to update to either the documentation Hotfix or 10.2.3

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/12/03

If you see the Documentation tab like below you need to either:

The problem is caused by Embarcadero using mixed technologies in the Delphi IDE combined with their lack of testing due to not eating their own dog-food.

Too bad, as the documentation over the last versions has finally increased after a 10+ year steady decline.

Doing one technology right is hard, but having to mix multiple technologies into one product is extremely hard.

Via: [WayBack] I’m using Delphi XE 10.2. Whenever I click on the Documentation tab, I see the following uselessly rendered page. I can’t seem to resize it either. Anyb… – Graeme Geldenhuys – Google+


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Interface methods are not assignment compatible with method references or methods of object.

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/04/02

Boy I wish that QC was still up and QualityPortal was publicly indexable as that would have saved me quite a bit of time tracking this down. Luckily I got help from Stefan Glienke (who maintains the awesome Spring4D library based on modern Delphi compiler support) when I mentioned

How good are you with reference to function?
I’ve an odd compiler thing throwing errors when using interfaces but not with classes.

So, for posterity:

Unlike C#, in Delphi interface methods are not compatible with method references or methods of object.

This has many manifestations, which means you can get a variety of compiler errors. I’ve listed the ones I could find below, but presume there are more and if I find more will update this post.

These are the errors you can get:

  • E2010 Incompatible types: ‘T’ and ‘Procedure’
  • E2035 Not enough actual parameters
  • E2250 There is no overloaded version of ‘FirstOrDefault’ that can be called with these arguments

These are the (now defunct, but used to be publicly accessible) QC and QualityPortal (needs sign on) entries (thanks Stefan Glienke and Blaise Thorn for reporting these):

The really frustrating part is that the RSP is marked as “new feature” whereas clearly it isn’t, so it probably never will be fixed.

A workaround for now is to wrap the interface method references with:

  • either anonymous methods (when you have just a few classes to cover, but maybe more than a few methods on the interface)
  • or instance methods on a class (when there are many classes to cover and preferably few methods on the interface)

Examples are in the code below that also shows this works fine and dandy in C#.


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Berlin 10.1.2 Vcl.RibbonConsts removed, so now Vcl.ScreenTips compilation fails – Pascal Today

Posted by jpluimers on 2019/02/12

The Ribbon controls got removed since Delphi 10.1 Berlin, but the dependency in Vcl.ScreenTips remained, so:

After installing the official Delphi Berlin Update 2 I have faced nasty problem. One of my unit was using the Vcl.ScreenTips unit (for TScreenTipsWindow). And when you compile such a project you ge…

Source: Berlin 10.1.2 Vcl.ScreenTips compilation fail – Pascal Today

In the mean time however, it has been moved to GetIt: [WayBack] Ribbon Controls in RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin.

Note that the XE8 introduced [] GetIt package manager is under the Tools menu, which is not covered by [] IDE Insight – RAD Studio.

Anyway: here you can get it in Delphi 10.1 Berlin (now also in 10.2 Tokyo, where at first it was not available through GetIt):


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Don’t expect high floating point performance from the Delphi for Linux compiler

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/07/31

Don’t expect high floating point performance of the Delphi for Linux compiler as this thread proves it is not: [WayBack] Based on a recent post here, it looks like the new Linux compiler uses the x87 unit for floating point. Naturally this won’t perform well. If it is true… – David Heffernan – Google+


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RAD Studio 10.2.2 Annoying New Features. Help? – Forum – Embarcadero Community

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/07/24

Does anybody know a shorter, more permanent solution for [WayBackRAD Studio 10.2.2 Annoying New Features. Help? – Forum – Embarcadero Community.

Especially the first one is very important to me.

Ever since Delphi introduced IDE layouts, it would remember the last one selected. With Delphi 10.2.2 Tokyo not so any more: it ALWAYS starts with an imposed “Startup Layout”. If you delete it, it re-appears.

I have a carefully named set of layouts that depends on the monitors I am using.

The workaround – every time I switch monitors, at least a few times a day, especially when moving between places, for instance for meetings – is this:

  1. Start Delphi 10.2.2 Tokyo
  2. Select the layout for that monitor
  3. Save it as “Startup layout”

Then each time I tweak a layout, I have to remember to save it both as “Startup layout” and as the actual named layout.

The really dumb thing is that RSP-20138 Can not define default Startup layout is classified as

“Jira-Quality Sync Service added a comment – 29/May/18 2:50 AM
Issue is reclassified as ‘New Feature'”

Via [WayBack1, WayBack2] So Embarcadero broke the “Default layout” (now always enforces a new “Standard Layout”) upon IDE startup in 10.2 Tokyo, and commented on the bug report … – Jeroen Wiert Pluimers – Google+ which has quite a few nice comments and links, including:

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