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Archive for the ‘StUF’ Category Brian’s Stupid Feed Tricks

Posted by jpluimers on 2013/03/20

If you think it’s easy to deal with RSS read this: Brian’s Stupid Feed Tricks.

It reminds me so much about handling StUF.


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StUF – patch download for version 2.04 (

Posted by jpluimers on 2009/05/05

Late last month, EGEM i-team released a patch for StUF 2.04 (Dutch link) that you can download.

There are a few fixes in it, for us, the most important one was a fix we already patched ourselves: the fact that the element kadestraleGemeentecode was not of type KadestraleGemeentecode, but of the wrong type Gemeentecode.

More on that below, but first an error that is in the new patch: the bg0204.wsdl has one include too much. You have to remove this one in order to make it work correctly:

	<import namespace="" location="..204\stuf0204.xsd"></import>

Note that due to a bug in the WordPress parsing engine (it usually kills backslashes that are followed by a zero), you might not see the correct path above:

It needs to start as follows:

You have to remove this because of two reasons:

  1. the imported bgstuf0204.xsd already includes the stuf0204.xsd (you do not want double includes!)
  2. for compatibility reasons WSDL documents should not contain backslashes

Read the rest of this entry »

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Dutch municipality ambivalence for stuff er… StUF

Posted by jpluimers on 2009/05/03

While on the one hand, Dutch municipalities are trying to ban stuff near schools by closing down coffeeshops that are withing a 250 meter of a school, they also love StUF.

This other StUF is the “Standaard UitwisselingsFormaat” or standard interchange format for IT-systems within municipalities.

It is an interesting set of standards that describe information interchange using either XML files defined by XSD or synchronous and asynchrous web-services defined by WSDL.

EGEM i-teams is the Dutch organization setting the StUF standards; their logo is on the right side. 
Maarten van den Broek is the guy behind the StUF standard.
The current version of the standard is 3.0 (Dutch link), but as it goes with standards, the actual version in use is 2.04 (Dutch link).

Since I have done quite some communication using the StUF 2.04 standard, I’d like to share some experiences with you in my blog.

Standards try to define a perfect world, where in fact the world is not perfect at all.
This holds for StUF 2.04 as well: in practice, the standard is not complete, has some pecularities (here and there even a bug) in it, and leaves things open for interpretation.
Also the parties implementing StUF do not always follow the rules, or sometimes extend the rules or add things that are not yet part of the standard.

This doesn’t make StUF a bad standard (actually, it is really good), and makes it really interesting.

So: enough stuff to talk about :-)


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