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Upgrading drawio throug brew functions slightly different than one expects

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/12/31


This fails:

brew update drawio
brew upgrade drawio

This works:

brew cask upgrade drawio

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Posted in Apple, Cloud Apps,, Home brew / homebrew, Internet, Power User | Leave a Comment » Floorplan stencils –

Posted by jpluimers on 2021/12/20

I needed a way to draw floor plans.

PowerPoint solutions were to cumbersome, but then I remembered it has [WayBack] Floorplan stencils –

Have you tried the floorplan stencils in You can open the library directly by using the libs parameter, Or, you can enable them in your library section by clicking “more shapes” (bottom right) and ticking “floorplans”, then apply:

I configured to show measurements in points, then took 100 points per meter as scale.

At first I most of my measurements were wrong because the I thought the “fat” grid lines were every 50 points. They are not:

  • Light grid lines are 10 points
  • Fat grid lines are 40 points
  • Ruler has small marks every 10 points
  • Ruler has large marks every 50 points
  • Ruler has numbers every 100 points

How confusing!


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Posted in Cloud Apps,, Internet, Power User | Leave a Comment » the only way to remove shape waypoints is all of them via the context menu (via Tutorial 3 … Support)

Posted by jpluimers on 2020/05/22

Via [WayBack] Tutorial 3 – Connectors, Waypoints, and Altering Shapes – Online – Support: this is the only way to remove waypoints on a shape:

  1. context menu
  2. clear all


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Getting rid of trailing line-endings in the web interface

Posted by jpluimers on 2018/12/03

One of the things that bugged me for a long time is that every now and then for some shapes, when editing their text, the web interface puts in trailing line feeds after the text, messing up layout.

The easiest way to work around it is by searching inside the diagram XML for
, then replacing that with a ".

(the above code got screwed by saving it, so the search is in this small gist below)

This behaviour is intermittent on the drawio MacOS desktop app.




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