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Archive for the ‘Ziggo/UPC/A2000’ Category

Bye, bye ADSL…

Posted by jpluimers on 2016/12/27

As I got rid of some final hard coded IPv4 stuff, earlier this month I said good-bye to Ziggo cable internet.

Today, the xs4all ADSL line finally got disconnected as well:

My old trusty Fritz!Box 7340 showing ADSL got disconnected for good on 20161217

My old trusty Fritz!Box 7340 showing ADSL got disconnected for good on 20161217

Which means that the years of running an xs4all DSL connection over mxStream, KPN FAST ADSL and xs4all ONLY are over. Oh the days:

I’m still connected: fiber by xs4all and fiber by helden van nu and when all else fails KPN LTE or xs4all onderweg.

Oh and I had a visit to xs4all unixbeheer and their data center a short while ago as they helped me a lot in the almost 20 years I’ve been a customer with them:

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15 years of xs4all internet provider membership

Posted by jpluimers on 2012/01/15

Today it is the 15th anniversary of my xs4all membership.
Even though (see some history below) xs4all was not my first provider, it has been the provider of choice ever since:

  • Technically very knowledgeable
  • Very stable connection
  • Highly much aware of privacy

Back in December 1998, when xs4all was sold sold to the Dutch Telcom (KPN), lots of people were afraid that xs4all would start scoring less points one ore more of the above points.
They didn’t, and that is the main reason I’m still client with them.

This despite the  fact that I can get faster internet where I live.
My ADSL connection is quite a long distance from the telco DSLAM, so I can’t get a very high ADSL speed.
As some of the ADSL versus distance speed graphs show, your ADSL connection needs to be close to the telco’s DSLAM.
I’m not, so my maximum ADSL1 speed is slightly less than 8 megabit, and my current ADSL2+ speed is less than 16 megabit, so xs4all light is the best I can get.

BTW: If you live in The Netherlands, here you can calculate that distance (which is called “afstand tot de centrale” in Dutch).
I wish they ran the telco cables under the canal to the neighboring village: I’m about 500 meter away from their DSLAM, in stead of the 2700 meters I’m from my own DSLAM.
Oh well :-)

For high speed things, I now also have a cable connection.
Even though they are deregulating that part of the broadband market, currently cable internet is bound to your cable TV provider.
In my case, that is UPC, and their high speed internet is marketed as Fiber Power.
I started with a 60 over 6 megabit service, that they increased to 120 over 10 megabit about a year ago while reducing the price (because they were merging their packages and wanted to increase their competetiveness).

While writing this, I’m still searching for a good dual gigabit WAN router to combine the two connections in one.

Over time, xs4all increased the ADSL bandwidth from a meager 1 megabit over 256 kilobit to 8 megabit over 1 megabit.
They increased mailbox and storage sizes too.
And finally, they were among the first to support IPv6.

So all in all, I’m still very happy for staying with xs4all.

A bit of history

xs4all was not where the internet started for me. Read the rest of this entry »

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UPC Speedtest – direct link

Posted by jpluimers on 2011/09/19

The direct UPC Speedtest link does not load all the fuzz the normal UCP speedtest page has.

Some tests I ran

At a client.

My Cable connection.

My ADSL connection.

Note the Cable connection is early in the morning. In the afternoon/evening it is much slower.
The ADSL connection is slower, but more reliable, has IPv6, and XS4ALL is way better at security and privacy than UPC.


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#KOMED internet experience: getting it to work is hard, but it is FAST

Posted by jpluimers on 2011/09/10

Highspeed internet at KOMED is quite a different experience from Swisscom hotel internet at the NH Köln hotel yesterday:

  1. Following the PayPal link at their [Wayback] redirection site does not work: it times out.
  2. After twisting some peoples arms, I was allowed to get a “Konferenzpass”.
    That one works at once, and is blindingly fast compared to yesterday; see the screenshot below.

When trying to find my way towards the KOMED conference rooms, I had a weird experience: rooms 1..5 (called RAUM EINZ, ZWEI, DREI, VIER und FÜNF in German), you could see room 1, 2, 4 and 5 from the ground floor as they were marked with large friendly letters on the same wall as their doors, very well visible from the ground floor.

Not so with room 3 (where I had to be): that marking was on the wall 90 degrees off the door, not visible from the floor. Actually, it was only visible when you were actually standing next to the door. From the ground floor, the door looks like a fire door continuing the curved corridor in front of rooms 1 and 2.

Someone should put “RAUM DREI” above the door to Room 3 there.

Back to the internet at KOMED: the speed is a pleasant experience compared to what Swisscom provided yesterday.This was the attained speed:


Via: [Wayback] UPC Speedtest.

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