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Archive for April 23rd, 2009

.NET/C# – converting UTF8 to ASCII (yes, you *can* loose information with this) using System.Text.Encoding

Posted by jpluimers on 2009/04/23

Quite a while ago, we needed to exchange some text files with .NET and a DOS application (yes, they still exist!).

Since the .NET app already exchanged text files with other applications using UTF8, we had to reencode those into plain ASCII.
(yes, I am aware there are dozens of codepages we could encode to, we decided to stick with 7-bit ASCII, and warned the client about possible information loss).

A couple of months later, we neede to exchange information with an app doing Windows-1252, and then even later on to a web-app needing ISO 8859-1 (both are Western European encodings).
So I decided to refactor the UTF8 to ASCII conversion app into something more maintainable.

But first let me show you how you can dump all of the .NET supported encodings:
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Posted in .NET, ASCII, C#, Development, Encoding, Software Development, Unicode, UTF-8, UTF8 | 3 Comments »

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