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Archive for April 22nd, 2009

Including formatted sourcecode in WordPress

Posted by jpluimers on 2009/04/22

Since I’m quite new to WordPress it is a learn as-I-go process (sounds familiar huh?) and a major goal of this blog is to keep track of things so that I don’t forget them:

Including formatted code in your blog is easy, WordPress has a FAQ about it!
Basically it comes down to adding the sourcecode shortcode and then make sure the language attribute has the right value.

But there are some gotcha’s that are not in the FAQ:

  1. paste the sourcecode shortcode as “plain text” (or in the HTML editor) otherwise it will get span tags around it and not render as code
  2. C# has language code csharp (if you use a non-existing language code, it will not render as code either)

The language codes I will probably use most are csharp and delphi, followed by xml and sql and maybe some css and html.

In your editor, you will then see something like this:
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Delphi – adding for … in support to TPageControl

Posted by jpluimers on 2009/04/22

A long time ago, the for ... in statement was added to the structured statements part of the Delphi language. It is a really powerful statement, that allows for code like this:

  Line: string;
  for Line in MyMemo.Lines do
    // some business logic

in stead of using the traditional for statement which needs an extra LineIndex variable and an assignment statement:

  LineIndex: Integer;
  Line: string;
  for LineIndex := 0 to MyMemo.Lines.Count do
    Line := MyMemo.Lines[LineIndex];
    // some business logic

So, “for … in” is a cool feature, but now I wanted to do the same for a TPageControl:
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Colleauges speak @ InterBase PowerDay’s in The Netherlands and Germany

Posted by jpluimers on 2009/04/22

InterBase PowerDay '09 logoTomorrow, the 23rd of April, my Dutch and German InterBase colleauges from better office will be delivering the InterBase PowerDay inAmersfoort.

Speaking are Daniel Magin and Gwan Tan, attending are both regular InterBase developers and InterBase VARs.
The PowerDay costs EUR 124 excluding VAT to attend, and has 4 sessions that roughly covering these areas:

  • What’s new in InterBase 2009
  • InterBase as a vault
  • Advanced InterBase
  • Tools to maintain InterBase

The event is organized together with Barnsten, which are the representatives of CodeGear in The Netherlands.

A similar event is organized in Germany on the 6th of May in Frankfurt/Offenbach. That event is organized by better office Germany and CodeGear Germany. 

better office Germany is InterBase master reseller, and better office benelux (where I work) has some very knowledgeable InterBase people too.

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