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CodeRage 4: session “Reliable Communication between Applications with Delphi and ActiveMQ” chat and Q&A transcripts

Posted by jpluimers on 2009/09/11

Not only can you download CodeRage 4 session on materials on Reliable Communication between Applications with Delphi and ActiveMQ, but below you can also find the chat transcripts below.

VIP Room Transcript with Q&A

(9/11/2009 8:13:51 AM) The topic is: Session Room 2 – “Reliable Communication between Applications with Delphi and ActiveMQ” by Jeroen Pluimers
(5:38:29 PM) Christine_Ellis [] entered the room.
(5:38:37 PM) Christine_Ellis left the room.
(5:38:46 PM) Robert_Evans [] entered the room.
(5:46:29 PM) davidi: johnhofland asked: Do you have any expirience when the queue system (server) fails? We have an application where speed is less relevant then then the message has to be delivered. Are messages saved when bringing up again?. Answer: The Messaging system keeps it in the queue. when the recipient or server come up – the message gets delivered. That’s tbe beuty of the architecture.
(5:47:34 PM) Jeroen_Pluimers:
(5:48:47 PM) Jeroen_Pluimers:
(5:52:14 PM) The topic is: Session Room 2 – “Using Unicode and Other Encodings in your Programs” by Jeroen Pluimers

Public Room Transcript

(9/11/2009 8:13:51 AM) Christine_Ellis has set the topic to: Session Room 2 – “Reliable Communication between Applications with Delphi and ActiveMQ” by Jeroen Pluimers
(9/11/2009 8:24:45 AM) Jeroen_Pluimers: hi everyone; jibber lost the connection, just like the web interface over the last couple of days.
(9/11/2009 8:25:11 AM) Jeroen_Pluimers: hopefully it stays alive for the next two sessions though.
(9/11/2009 8:25:49 AM) Nicole_Boivin: Sorry David. Wrong room. The comment was meant for Room 1. I am currently multi-tasking to the extreme: phone call, both sessions and an app for my phone info. In general I am impatient person. I insist that the apps I build launch under 2 seconds and I start to hammer them that fast. The clients are usually impressed.
(9/11/2009 8:28:20 AM) davidi: yes – don’t auto-create forms and load them dynamically. Delphi client apps can come up fast :)
(5:15:34 PM) b_fisher left the room.
(5:15:51 PM) Jeroen_Pluimers: If you have questions; please queue them up so I can start looking at them.
(5:15:58 PM) b_fisher [] entered the room.
(5:16:41 PM) Nicole_Boivin: So right David. Also proper management of resources, using in-memory databases such as TClientDataSet, fast components such as TVirtualTreeview, so on. Anyway at this point I am not only commenting in the wrong room but well beyond the time window for Michael Swindell’s presentation. I look forward to the downloads as my day job keeps interfering with my session attention. Cheers
(5:22:54 PM) Thomas_Grubb: Jeroen, I missed the very beginning. You are using the ActiveMQ to build one big distributed application or one application for a system of applications
(5:22:58 PM) Thomas_Grubb: ?
(5:24:19 PM) Jeroen_Pluimers: We use ActiveMQ to be able to switch the middleware from a Delphi+Firebase one (running on Windows) to a Java + Firebird one (running on Windows) or Java + DB/2 one (running on AS/400)
(5:25:13 PM) Jeroen_Pluimers: the really cool thing is that clients do not need to know anything about the servers (or maybe I should say ‘senders’ to clients and ‘receivers’ to servers)
(5:25:39 PM) Jeroen_Pluimers: so you can switch on the fly, or even (if you keep everything stateless) have a server farm or fall back scenario
(5:27:37 PM) Thomas_Grubb: Was there ever a concern with your project about being tied to one middleware? For many years, I worked for NASA’s GMSEC (now open source), which is a multi-language message oriented abstraction API that supports multiple middleware (Tibco SmartSockets, GSFC Message Bus, and I believe IBM WebSphere and ActiveMQ as of this month), e.g., write to the C/C++/Java/Perl API and it can work with any of those middleware, allowing them to be swapped out. (I wrote a Delphi API to GMSEC, but it was dropped because no customers were requesting it :-( )
(5:29:06 PM) Jeroen_Pluimers: Since ActiveMQ is well known, has been stable for a long time, and runs on many platforms, it was never a question to switch to other types of middleware.
(5:29:49 PM) Thomas_Grubb: The reason GMSEC existed is because middleware kept coming and going too fast for our customers (NASA likes to think long term). At one time, GMSEC has supported ICS’ Message Bus, Elvin, and a few others.
(5:30:21 PM) Thomas_Grubb: How is the speed of ActiveMQ with Delphi?
(5:30:34 PM) Jeroen_Pluimers: This whole project is a proof of concept, so no ‘really long term’ things yet.
(5:31:33 PM) Jeroen_Pluimers: If you keep your connection open, it is really quickly. Within a VM you can have round trips (client sends request so server; server sends response back to client on a different queue) in milliseconds
(5:31:54 PM) Jeroen_Pluimers: this includes the XML serialization/deserialization
(5:32:15 PM) Thomas_Grubb: Message Oriented Middleware are extremely cool and definitely the way to go for a large distributed system of applications (like a satellite control center)
(5:32:28 PM) Jeroen_Pluimers: it is!
(5:33:18 PM) Thomas_Grubb: The reason I asked about the Delphi overhead is because I mis-wrote the Delphi wrapper for GMSEC and it doubled the time (but was 10x easier to use)! :-)
(5:34:01 PM) Jeroen_Pluimers: Oops :-)
(5:34:44 PM) Carlos_Adolfo_Garcia_Anaya [] entered the room.
(5:36:19 PM) Carlos_Adolfo_Garcia_Anaya: I can’t enter to the conferecnes, is there any problem now?
(5:36:37 PM) Thomas_Grubb: Of course, since the comm time was the real concern it only became a problem when hundreds of messages started coming in per second
(5:36:40 PM) Jeroen_Pluimers: @Carlos: Live Meeting is up and running fine here
(5:36:52 PM) Carlos_Adolfo_Garcia_Anaya: :( thanks jeroen
(5:37:35 PM) Jeroen_Pluimers: @Thomas: so your Delphi stuff was server as well as client?
(5:38:26 PM) Robert_Evans [] entered the room.
(5:38:53 PM) Erwin_Mouthaan [] entered the room.
(5:39:46 PM) davidi left the room.
(5:40:31 PM) davidi [] entered the room.
(5:47:23 PM) Borland [] entered the room.
(5:47:29 PM) Thomas_Grubb: Thanks for your presentation. It’s great to see Delphi being used with MOMs!
(5:47:35 PM) Thomas_Grubb: About your question, the Delphi/GMSEC stuff was concerned with the client. The middleware provided the server code and was hidden from the clients. (In the context of your project if I understand it correctly, the Firebird app would be considered another client)
(5:47:40 PM) Jeroen_Pluimers:
(5:47:41 PM) Neville_Cook [] entered the room.
(5:47:48 PM) Thomas_Grubb: Got to go now… Good luck with your other presentations
(5:47:55 PM) Jeroen_Pluimers: Bye Thomas!
(5:48:03 PM) Thomas_Grubb left the room.
(5:48:43 PM) Jeroen_Pluimers:
(5:50:15 PM) Neville_Cook left the room.
(5:52:14 PM) Christine_Ellis has set the topic to: Session Room 2 – “Using Unicode and Other Encodings in your Programs” by Jeroen Pluimers


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