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Archive for August 18th, 2011

#HTC #Sensation: how to #disable/#enable your #GSM/#3G #Radio

Posted by jpluimers on 2011/08/18

It is very easy to turn off the GSM/3G radio on your HTC Sensation:

  1. Manually dial *#*#4636#*#* to get in the “testing” menu
    (don’t dial this from your phone book as it won’t work, but dial it manually; it helps adding an entry in your phone book so you can remember the code more easily while typing it)
  2. Click on “Phone Information
  3. Scroll down and there’s a button “Turn off radio” or “Turn on radio”.
  4. Press this button and wait a couple of seconds for it to effect

In similar ways, you can select the “Set preferred network type“, which for me is “GSM auto (PRL)“.

Note that the link below talks about “On the US version…”, however this worked on my HTC Sesensation obtained through the Dutch Vodafone Business branch.

— jeroen

Via: Disable 3G on Sensation Help ? – xda-developers.

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ISO 8601 Date, Time and DateTime in Delphi (was: Simple example to show DateTime.Now in ISO 8601 format on | Online C# Compiler & Debugging Tool)

Posted by jpluimers on 2011/08/18

In the past I wrote about a Simple example to show DateTime.Now in ISO 8601 format on | Online C# Compiler & Debugging Tool , using ISO 8601 in batch-files, and how ISO 8601 is used in Google Calendar URLs.

Time to write something about ISO 8601 Date, Time and DateTime and Delphi.

First of all the DateUtils unit contains a bunch of routines (for instance DecodeDateWeek) that understand ISO 8601 week numbers, where:

  • Weeks start at Monday
  • The first week of a year contains (these are equivalent):
    • The first thursday in that year
    • Has at least 4 days in that year
    • Contains the 4th of January

Otherwise the week containing January 1st is week 52 or 53 of the previous year

ISO 8601 also specifies how to format Dates, Times,  DateTimes and durations according to some basic principles.

XML uses ISO 8601 to format Date, Time and DateTime and some other formats as text too.

So it is no wonder that since Delphi 6, it contains a XSBuiltIns unit covering (among other things) ISO 8601 formatting.

Given the many Delphi ISO 8601 relates questions on StackOverflow of which I answered two, and my need for ISO 8601 DateTime conversion for exporting Excel XML, here is are some samples to get started in the unit below (and in this codeplex changeset).

The unit covers Date, Time and DateTime.
You can write similar code for Duration.

Oops, I covered it already in ISO 8601: Delphi way to convert XML date and time to TDateTime and back (via: Stack Overflow)

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