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Archive for August 26th, 2011

xs4all ONLY issues with ADSL sync and Fritz!Box 7340

Posted by jpluimers on 2011/08/26

Recently, I had big problems with my Fritz!Box 7340 losing ADSL sync on my xs4all ONLY connection.

The odd thing is: the problems started after it worked well for quite a while.

I had multiple dozens of these reconnects per day, sometimes as few as once every fre hours, but often as many as half a dozen per hour:

11.07.11 05:14:08 IPv6 Internet connection established successfully. Prefix: 12ab:34cd:56ef::/48
11.07.11 05:14:08 IPv6 Internet connection established successfully. IP address: 12ab:34cd:56ef::fe01dc23:ba45:9867
11.07.11 05:14:07 Internet connection established successfully. IP address:, DNS server: and, Gateway:
11.07.11 05:14:01 DSL is available (DSL synchronization exists with 10007/1029 kbit/s).
11.07.11 05:13:47 DSL synchronization starting (training).
11.07.11 05:13:32 Internet connection cleared.
11.07.11 05:13:32 IPv6 Internet connection was cleared; prefix no longer valid.
11.07.11 05:13:32 Internet connection cleared.
11.07.11 05:13:31 DSL not responding (no DSL synchronization).

The xs4all helpdesk didn’t respond on my emails, and Google searches didn’t reveal much.

This is what I tried:

  1. I tried getting the FRITZ.Box_Fon_WLAN_7340.en-de-es-it-fr.99.05.04-19769.image firmware, mentioned in this thread, but could not download it any more.
  2. I also tried to set the DSL settings to “maximum stability” without any improvement, resetting to factory settings, etc.
  3. The router is already very close to the ISRA point (where DSL enters the house), and I tried both with/without splitter with no improvement whatsoever.
  4. Read the steps in this sat4all thread, but found nothing unusual in my hardware and software config.

I didn’t expect any improvement as nothing on my side has changed, and before xs4all ONLY, I ran DSL for more than 10 years with different modems and no problems whatsoever.

Finally, I downgraded to Firmware-Version 99.04.88 from Firmware-Version 99.04.90.

When downgrading, keep this in mind:

  • Fritz! does not keep old firmware versions on-line; you must regularly get the Fritz!Box 7340 part of their ftp site and keep an archive yourself
  • It will reset your router to factory state and not remember any settings
  • It cannot restore your settings if you saved them with a higher firmware version, not even when you save them with a password as the web-interface seems to suggest

Luckily, one of the things that xs4all did well, is keep an archive of firmware versions for the Fritz!Box 7340, including a Firmware-Version 99.04.88.

Perform these steps when downgrading: Read the rest of this entry »

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